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Property Marketing Sales Videos for the Web and DVD
Our documentary style property sales videos are Produced by an experience team of Video editors and story board artists

      Presentations for DVD, broadcast and the web - Property Sales Videos

A sales video can add an extra dimension to a virtual tour DVD, and can be incorporated as a separate chapter, or section, of the DVD.

Before committing to a purchase, iCreate believe potential clients want to view as much information about a new development as possible. Any gaps can be filled by a Sales video. The video can include regional information, interviews with developers, architects or sales agents, and footage of the build, sales videos help to build confidence and credibility.

     We areCommitted to Quality

Whilst adhering to BBC production values, our sales videos can include a professional ‘documentary-style’ voiceovers and audio tracks.

Ideal for publication on DVD, sales videos can also be streamed over the internet or delivered to mobile video devices such as mobile phones and iPods

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     Expert Property Video Team

Experienced camera crew will visit the site for ‘on location’ filming. High quality Aerial footage can be taken if requested, sourcing appropriate materials from tourism agencies and/or hiring equipment from local suppliers.

Ranging from a 3-minute promotional video, to a 30-minute documentary-style film, Sales Videos are bespoke productions which are designed to meet your specific objectives and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your project and arrange a quotation

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